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What is ASMR?


What is ASMR? (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

The ASMR Foundation's 2019 definition of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) includes soothing, satisfying and comforting emotional and/or physical responses to audio and/or visual triggers.

Anecdotal and scientific studies indicate most people are ASMR responsive with many users reporting sleep, physical and emotional relief.

Current literature mostly refers to ASMR as being a positive immersive response to visual and/or audio triggers, mostly produced online by "ASMR artists,"  common triggers exist in nature including ocean waves, light rain, gurgling brooks and controlled fire pits.

Those common triggers are seldom explored in today's burgeoning online library of ASMR sites which generally focus on soothing rhythms created by; food chopping and sizzling, whispering or low voices, tapping or brushing and faux personal service scenarios with attentive practicioners playing the role on-camera.

Although little discussed, the Foundation includes negative responses to similar triggers as being within the ASMR family.

A small group of users report a a grating reaction to the very triggers others enjoy, and nearly universal negative ASMR responses range from nails on a chalkboard to metal rakes on a concrete sidewalk.

Although relief and/or remission from PTSD, anxiety, depression and sleep disorders are experiences reported by ASMR users, science offers no universally accepted explanation.

The Foundation has launched its own programming to compare user responses to various triggers, ASMR guide personalities and broadcast standards to identify the most effective way to reach more users and explore the most effective methods to meet user goals of relaxation and/or recovery.

ASMR Foundation began researching the sometimes euphoric and calming responses associated with ASMR in 2018 and each day more resources are available in mainstream media, science and psychological literature bringing new light to the phenomena.

Currently the Foundation considers so-called "auditory-tactile synthesia" and "frisson" as sub-categories under the ASMR umbrella. 

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